Monday, February 01, 2010

More Fun Things Found on the Net

Here are some more links for you check out at your leisure...

  • "It's a Wonderful World" puppet show with music by Louis Armstrong. Over the years I've had countless students fascinated with handpuppets everytime a project light is turned on. Here's someone who goes beyond just playing. It's fun to watch.
  • Oscar the cat who predicts nursing home deaths. I'd known about Oscar for awhile now, but here's a more in depth article on him.
  • The work of artist Liu Bolin, The Invisible Man. He paints himself and then has himself photographed in real settings. It's pretty amazing to see.
  • The face of beauty. How does our perception of beauty change? Here's a video of numerous women's portraits from the Middle Ages on--and it's suprising how similar they tend to look.
  • Josh Keyes' paintings have the disquieting feel of a dreamworld where people no longer exist. His paintings are unique statements of what might happen if we weren't around. An unforgettable artist.
  • Human World Trivia. I love this sort of gallimauphry approach to all kinds of human trivia, from learning that Blackbird, a chief of the Omaha Indians, was buried sitting on his favorite horse or that when Albert Einstein died, his final words died too... the nurse at his side didn't understand German.
I have a friend who thinks I'm slipping into senility because I like Lady Gaga. Anyway, I love the dance number but can't figure out how she can dance in those shoes.
  • Living My Life Faster. For eight years J.K. Keller has taken a photograph daily and in this video he shows how he has changed.
  • Papercraft Self Portrait - 2009. Last Halloween, Eric Testroete made a huge paper self-portrait head which he wore. It's pretty amazing when you see the final product.
  • If you know the work of artist Ron Mueck, you'll find the art of Jamie Salmon equally fascinating.
  • People were fascinated with the damage done to Picasso's The Actor painting, but many have forgotten that the Metropolitan Museum had an even more shattering event in 2002. A 15th century priceless marble statue of Adam by Venetian sculptor Tullio Lomardo stood on a faulty pedestal which collapsed, breaking the statue in dozens of pieces. Here's the original New York Times article, and then a more recent one detailing what they are trying to do to save the work.
  • Was the Nefertiti statue a fake? Passionate about History tells the story.
Again, Lady Gaga doing "Paparazzi" (2009). Very interesting production.
  • Finally a brief look at The French Chef Julia Child introducing Chicken. Every Saturday I watched her show faithfully and it's fun to see this again. 
Well, that's it for the evening. Have fun and let me know what you think.

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