Sunday, June 04, 2006

Otto Wagner

At a garage sale yesterday, I found this lovely print of the work of Austrian
Art Nouveau architect, Otto Wagner. Labeled "Galerie fur Werke der Kunst Unserer Zeit" [?Gallery for Art of Our Time], it has wonderful Art Nouveau murals running across the front of the building. They would have been spectacular. I can't find evidence, however, that the piece was more than an academic piece.

I was delighted to find this framed poster--approximately 3 feet wide-- for only $10. The frame alone would have been 10 times that. But it also prompted me to learn more about Wagner's work.

According to information online, Wagner was part of the Vienna Successionists, which included Klimt (of the famous "Kiss") and Hoffman. Wagner has some beautiful designs. I am particularly taken with his three-dimenstional model of the Imperial Entrance Hall of the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna (1898).

Wagner's poster is a great addition to my office wall.

For more information on Wagner check out:

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