Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today as we were working on blogs in class, one of my students introduced me to This afternoon, I must admit, I got lost surfing online for a couple of hours. Since my interests are photography, drawing, mythology, the unusual, here are my 15 picks for things to look at today:

1. Ten Places in the World You Will Never Visit shows you 10 hidden places only a few people in the world can visit. Now I want to go.

2. A Super Sprayer using spray cans of paint creates surprisingly realistic worlds

Super Sprayer - The best video clips are right here

3. The most puzzling ten objects from the ancient world, which includes a small artifact that looks like a space ship from ancient Egypt.

4. An artist who does fantastic real life in the wild photography of lions, giraffes, gorillas

5. Scroll across a picture of the CN Tower, Toronto, and it turns from morning to evening.

6. Surrealism lives in these photographs of primarily urban settings where something is definitely out of kilter, whether it’s the newspaper man reading a newspaper, a four-legged metal walker chained to a pole, or the woman crawling into a garbage bag in front of a store window.

7. Your job is unloading bricks… how do you carry a lot at one time?

8. Create your own art with an art pad? And you can keep the picture.

9. Create your own flowers on

10. Paradoxymoron… a very interesting painting that appear flat standing in front but actually projects out toward you as you move to the sides.

11. Theoi Greek Mythology: a website which explores Greek mythology in literature and pictures… tons of pictures.

12. Did you know that Perillos of Athens, who created a brazen bull in which St. Antipas and St. Eustace and others were roasted to death, was the first person to be roasted to death in it? These are only a couple of “unusual deaths” found on Wikiepdia.

13. History and Thought aficiandos, remember the discussion of kinetic art? Here’s a guy who’s doing some pretty fantastic things. Use it on your next art rec test.

14. Add to our art rec list, the singing, ringing tree

15. And finally the fantastic art of Sachiko Kodama Amazing Magnetic Art Sculpture!!

Yes, Ma, I had fun afternoon surfing.

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