Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why I Like Reading the Times

Today thanks to today's New York Times, I learned:

  • Preparing for Cyberwarfare. If you have followed the current war between Google and China [where Google believes that they were cyber-attacked by a group in China, supported by their government], you will probably find today's article even more of a nod to our cyber-future.
  • Chinese rename Mountains for Avatar. Say what you will about the block-buster movie (which passed Titanic yesterday), not many movies can change the name of locations. In a related story from another site, apparently the excitement of seeing Avatar was too much for one man who died of a stroke.
  • The Torn Picasso. Image this scenario. You are leading a tour group through a major art museum, lose your footing and end up pushing your hand through one of the rare Picasso works of that museum. Ooops. And now the curators begin trying to figure out how exactly to repair it.
  • Placido and Elaine. What a great review for each. I'm trying to figure out where I'd get $150 plus dinner to see Elaine.
  • Sitting Shortens Lives. So, as I'm sitting here doing this, I'm killing myself?
Enjoy today's paper.

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