Friday, March 25, 2011

The Moviegoer: Limitless

Within the last week, I have spent time doing what I love to do--going to movies. I talked in the last entry about Jane Eyre. Since then I have seen four more films, all of which were good entertainment and which I  can recommend highly.


I have been a fan of Bradley Cooper's for what seems a long time, actually since his work in Sex and the City. One my favorite moments in The Hangover was at the end where he carries his son around asleep on his shoulder--a moment so true to the character that it touched me deeply.  

In Limitless, Cooper's character is an unfocussed writer whose messy apartment is meant to be the externalization of his inability to do anything with his life. Through a series of events, he takes a drug which allows him to use 100 per cent of his brain. From the moment he takes it, we know he won't be able to stop. Abruptly the loser becomes a winner, able to see the squalor he lives in and able to organize it all. He no longer has writer's block. He suddenly can understand art and teaches himself to play the piano. He suddenly sees how to turn a small amount of money into millions.

All goes well until he notices that someone is following him--he  knows for the drug--and he begins a downward spiral as he stops taking the drug. What happens next is riveting, with exciting twists and turns. Robert DeNiro shows up and offers appropriate menace.

The film has several innovative techniques that I will not detail, but  expect to be dazzled in places.

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