Monday, July 12, 2010

What's On My Kindle

I love my Kindle.

Each morning it goes with me to Starbucks, where I try to find some time to read the day’s New York Times on it. It also goes with me during the day so I can steal reading time any chance I can get.

One of the interesting things about owning a Kindle is how it leads to all kinds of discussions with other Kindle users and those who seem pro or con without one. Today one of my Starbucks acquaintances proudly announced that she had also bought one and showed me how to arrange the books into various categories. [Check under settings and it is simple to do.]

I also have Kindle for PC, so if I don’t want to leave the computer but do want to read, I can do that while the program syncs with my Kindle.

I am carrying about forty books on my Kindle right now. One of my habits is to read the New York Times Book reviews and if I like how the book sounds, I download it right then. About half are classics or books I needed for school. Some of those on my current “To Read” list include the following:

What’s on your Kindle?

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