Monday, July 12, 2010

Ten Interesting Things of the Day

Here's a variety of interesting web sites found today:
  • To 10 USB Thumb Drive Tricks. Learn some things you can do with just a few gigabites and a USB port.
  • Fold a teeshirt in just two seconds. Amazing.
  • Five artists who work with corrugated cardboard. Some sophisticated examples here. There are also some links to additional cardboard artists who "think out of the box."
  • Learn about Oscar, a 13 year old English ginger tabby who steals up to 10 socks, gloves, even ladies' underwear, and brings them home as presents.
  • Feel uncreative with your status reports to Facebook or Twitter. Check out Generatus which will suggest creative posts, such as "David is a Tsunami Tsurvivor" or "Linda says if you can read this you are not the president of the United States." [This last intended for the last president not the current one.]
  • Pictures of the Day from the Wall Street Journal, July 6, 2010.
  • Check out these 110 year old Levi's jeans which sold on Ebay for $36,099.
  • Top 100 Funniest Google Street View Pictures may prompt me to check out what's there.
  • A fascinating page on the Digital Michelangelo Project where a team of faculty and students from Stanford University and the University of Washington scanned Michelangelo's David.
  • Finally, looking for something stylish to wear from 1919? Check out some pages of The Delineator from my Picasa file: Period for Theatre Designers.

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