Saturday, June 06, 2009

Logo's Beautiful People

For me, one of the laugh-out-loud series I'm enjoying this summer is Beautiful People on the Logo channel.

The half-hour show alternates between the present-day life of fey 24 year old Barney's window dresser, Simon Doonen, and his fey childhood as a 13 year old schoolboy growing up in Reading, England, 1997.

Simon introduces his family in an essay for school.

Simon has ambitions to get out of Reading and into the glamorous life he knows should be his. When told he can't leave school to go to drama school, he whines to his parents, "Just because you can't go out and decent jobs, I have to be denied my destiny... I hate my life." He's sure drama is his way to escape. In fact, he can't open his refrigerator at night without belting out "Another Opening, Another Show." He has a truly quirky family who accept him for who he is. "You're not weird; you're different," comforts his mother.

Here are Simon, two friends, and his blind aunt singing and dancing in the street as the kids get ready to try out for Joseph and His Amazing Dream Coat.

Here the director Mr. Bell casts the show while the stage mothers show their colors.

Be prepared to laugh and check out the following:

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