Monday, June 08, 2009

Free Programs Worth Checking Out

Are you like me, trying to get some writing done this summer? Scott Rhoades in his article "Great Software that won't cost you dime," The Writer (May 2009), gives the following programs that might help in writing:

  • FreeMind [Windows, Mac OSX, Linux]--a program to help mind-mapping.
  • KeyNote [Windows]--a program that allows you to create one computerized notebook to hold notes, pictures, articles, and Web links.
  • yWriter [Windows]--a great little program created by Simon Haynes that acts as a "word processor for authors." But even more it allows you to plot out your chapters and scenes, make character notes, and keep notes that you need. Easy to use. I've already started and found it a great help. If you write novels or short stories, this is something you want to check out.
  • Stickies [Windows]--several computers back I had this little free program and used it often.

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