Monday, May 04, 2009

The Van Gogh Cover-up

A researcher claims that Vincent Van Gogh has been maligned regarding the loss of his ear.

Art history tells us that Van Gogh, in a fit of madness, cut off his ear and gave it to a prostitute. According to a new theory, Van Gogh and his friend Paul Gauguin were outside a brothel, having an argument about Gauguin's staying in the south of France. Gauguin, wielding a sword, waved it toward Van Gogh and somehow Van Gogh's ear ended up on the ground. Gauguin ran off and Van Gogh threw the sword in the river (says the researcher, to protect his friend from persecution). After presenting the ear to a prostitute, Van Gogh went home to bed. He refused to discuss the incident. Our knowledge of the incident came only from Gauguin who said Van Gogh cut off his own ear.

The friendship of the two fell apart, and seven months later, Van Gogh committed suicide.

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