Friday, May 06, 2011

The Moviegoer: Thor

Marvel comic book movies have basic elements one expects: awe-inspiring confrontations, simple plots that even children can follow, two-dimensional characters, adult humor, and good looking male protagonists who fall in love with beautiful women in romantic side-stories which the women in the audience can enjoy. In those areas, Thor doesn't fail to deliver. Production values are high. The mise en scene ranges from high-tech runic Asgard and modern day New Mexico. I enjoyed the twists and nods toward Norse mythology. I haven't read the Marvel comic, but might after seeing this. And of course, you'll have time to see it because the sequel has to be on the way. This is obviously intended as the first in a series.

In case you caught the product placement in the above paragraph, you can also enjoy the funniest thing about the film: blatant product placement. When I finally started looking for them, I noted a Seven-Eleven, a specific bank ATM, Dr. Pepper-- and funniest of all-- at least two children's cereal boxes, one which Natalie Portman holds up for all to see. All I could think of were how people like Lucille Ball and Gracie Allen used to broke the fourth wall in their tv sit-coms to sell products. Perhaps next film they can sell placement on Thor's armor, like athletes and race car drivers have been known to do. I know movies like this cost a bundle and I hope they got a good chunk of change for each product used.

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