Sunday, September 12, 2010

Carte de Visites: Three English Portraits, ca. 1865.

Carte de visite.
Printed on back: "WE Dibenham, 158 Regent St. W.,
[London, England]
Looking at large groups of carte de visite, it is usually easy to tell which were taken at more exclusive photographic galleries. Often the accessories used speak volumes.

The beautifully tailored silk dress of the lady in the photograph speaks to her wealth, but so also do the elaborate side table with equestrian figurine, fake window and draperies, and elegant carpet. Her education is symbolized by the book she reads.

Staining and aging of the photograph has been cleaned up with Photoshop CS5.

Middle picture, a Victorian Teen from York, ca. 1865. This well-dressed young man lounges in an unusually casual pose on a fake stone ballister and pedestal. In the back is an elaborately painted background with lake and building.

Bottom picture, Victorian Woman, ca. 1865. Her plain features belie her elaborate clothing. The lady wears a smaller crinoline as the top woman, but her silk dress has complicated sleeves. She wears a snood on her hair and a large jewelled brooch. Her belt is wide with jewelled buckle.

Beside the woman is a pedestal on which appears to be a parian bowl with three-dimensional birds. A painted open doorway looks out on a two-dimensional garden setting.

Carte de Visite
Printed on back: "Photographed by W.T. & R. Gowland.
14, Ogleforth. (Near the Chapter House of the Minister), York."

Carte de Visite.
Printed on the back: "Photographed by C. Cross
2, Grove Place, Brixton Road, [London, England]."

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Clarissa said...

Hi there,

this caught my eye, incredibly because I think it may be my great, great, great grandmother, or one of her daughters. My g3 grandmother Betty Simon Hurst, who was Jewish and from Hamburg died at 2 Grove Place in Brixton - I'm not sure of the date, but she definitely lived there. The picture would be of the right time - she was born in 1808 ish, and if it is a picture of one of her daughters, that might be feasible too. Do you have any more information about this picture?

Best wishes,

Clarissa Smid