Sunday, February 15, 2009

Learning from the Sunday New York Times

Part of my Sunday routine is getting up early enough to go to Starbucks and sit and read through the Sunday New York Times. On a good day, I feel I learn a lot. Today was no exception.

Among the things I learned were as follows:
  • Front page: "Unemplyment surges around the world, threatening stability"
  • There's a fascinating photo of a nattily dressed young handsome businessman beside his great car with a sign reading, "$100 WILL BUY THIS CAR / MUST HAVE CASH/ LOST ALL ON THE STOCK MARKET." The picture could taken easily today.
  • An article on Yves St. Laurent shows his book library shelves. What a great idea for a series of pictures... the libraries of friends and what they tell us about them.
  • A disturbing article by John Markoff discusses the need for a new internet since the security of the one we use has been irreparably compromised. Gangs across the world can now commandeer over 12 million computers and make them into a supercomputer called botnet.
  • Virginia Heffernan asks what makes a good Facebook update. Ultimately her answer is that questions make the most provocative updates and get the most response.
  • The book review praises Samantha Harvey's The Wilderness about a man dealing with Alzheimer's from inside his mind.
Check out the Times.

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