Thursday, March 06, 2008

Is Anybody There?

Not too long ago I was teaching doing the blog to my juniors, and looking at my own blog I find a deficiency. Nobody seems to want to make any comments. I don't know if that means the entries are too esoteric or too long or too uninteresting. I'm not sure how to get comments, but I know that having them would help open more of a dialog between me and you. Do you have anything to add?


Anonymous said...

david- keep up the good work. dont get down on yourself. your blogs are really insightful. please continue to spill your feelings on to the website.

you are the blog king.

Anonymous said...

mr. claudon,
no one comments my blogs either, and since our assignment was due, i haven't added any more to my blog, but when i have time, i do read yours and some of the other blogs that i found interesting. i never comment on blogs, so i guess i shouldn't expect anyone to comment mine, but just so you know, i do read yours.

Bettsi McComb said...

Your posts are wonderful! They are very thought-provoking which may be why people don't comment-they are too busy thinking.

I see that this post is sandwiched between your Torchwood post (which I just read) and your AI post (which I am about to read) and I must tell you that my daughter is also a huge fan of both of those entertainments. She is about to graduate high school and I very much wish she could have had you for a teacher! Her blog is: I think she is an amazing artist and poet. Here are some of her recent poems (because I'm sure you don't read enough high school writing!):